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Overview of Sales Sling for Debt Collection

Sales Sling's automated, local presence dialing system and CRM will help you connect more, track payments, and automatically and indelibly record every phone call, email and interaction with every contact on your list.

How Sales Sling Works

Choose the automated dialing system that best suits you -- predictive, auto-dial or preview dial. Configure dispositions for your pipeline -- your agents will select the appropriate disposition to reflect the outcome of each contact interaction and contacts will automatically be updated -- storing the call, any notes and the disposition on the contact record. From anywhere in the world, managers can monitor agent calls, keep an eye on real-time dashboards and generate custom reports to stay on top of agent performance and track flow of the contacts as they work through your pipeline towards their final payment.

Why you’ll love Sales Sling For Debt Collection

Flexible Workflow Easily configure a pipeline, set scripts and define custom data fields, so your team can stay apprised of and gather valuable contact data and payment details as each contact moves towards their final payment.
Compliant Call recordings can be searched, accessed and shared in a variety of ways -- through customizable reports, contact records and agents call history. Each recording and contact record is easily downloadable to fulfill compliance obligations.
Remote Access Allows you and your agents to stay on the same page while working from anywhere.
Local Presence Dialing Increase your pick up rate with a local number showing on caller ID.
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