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Sales Pipeline Overview

Sales Sling offers the ability to customize our CRM to mirror your sales process in the form of a sales pipeline or funnel. The sales pipeline feature allows for the automation of many parts of your sales process. Logging and tracking outcomes, keeping up to day meticulous records of every client contact, and sales forecasting all become part of an automated process as prospects move through the pipeline.

How the Sales Pipeline Works

Movement through the sales pipeline is based on the dispositions clicked by your sales team at the end of each contact. For example, if your agents clicks "followup requested" or "meeting set" then the they would move to the next stage of the sales funnel. If they click, "left message" then they would simply stay where they are in the funnel. At each stage in the sales process, Sales Sling will continuously formulate reports based on how contacts are moving trhough your pipeline (like the time a client has spent in each stage of your sales pipeline, number of contacts made with a client etc). Our customizable reports will help you with sales forecasting and much much more.

Why you’ll love the Sales Pipeline feature

Increase sales and decrease the time spent on administrative duties Eliminate the need for sales reps to spend so much time on administrative tasks by using email templates and disposition tools. And use these powerful tools to pull up to the minute reports on agent or overall sales performance.
Zoom Out Gain the ability to zoom out and get perspective of how your leads move through your sales pipeline and identify areas of your pipeline where deals get stuck.
Zoom In Gain focus with the ability to rank each lead by potential sale or priority.
Prioritization Sort through your leads by where they are in the sales process. Who is ready to buy? Who needs follow-up? Which deal will create the most revenue?
Automated Sales Forecasting Make the heavy work of sales forecasting easy by automating the process you can access your forecasting report daily as the leads change.
One Client Record Maintain one cloud-based client record with a complete history of contact made with the lead, ensuring your team looks professional and cohesive.
Structure the Unpredictability of Sales By creating a solid sales process and using a pipeline, an unpredictable sales environment can start producing reliable results.
Email Marketing Follow-up every lead with a professional and informational message through email.
Dashboards Motivate your sales team with a sales dashboard that shows relevant statistics about agent performance.
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The Sales Pipeline Features is just one of many empowering tools you get when you subscribe to Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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