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Power Dialer Overview

Seconds of downtime between calls adds up to minutes and even hours of lost productivity. In call center terms, that means sales opportunities are being missed and call volume could be better. With Sales Sling's Power Dialer, you can immediately increase productivity and call volume by eliminating that downtime between calls.

How Power Dialer Works

The Sales Sling Power Dialer works by immediately dialing the next prospect on your list as soon as the previous call has ended. With this automated process, prospect details will also automatically appear for your agent allowing them to focus on what they do best, talking to clients.

How Our Power Dialer Works

Call center success is tied to call volume, so eliminating even a small delay in dialing can double your sales. Auto dialing software works by initiating the dialing of next customer the second you hang up with the last.

Why you’ll love the Auto Dialer

Increase Call Volume Decrease downtime and increase talk time with automation.
On-Screen Client Details With dialing automation, on-screen client details will automatically appear on the screen to ensure your agents are informed and ready.
TCPA Compliant Sales Sling offers a variety of safe guards to ensure that you don't have to worry and are fully compliant with TCPA regulations.
Smart Dispositions Built into the call making workflow, outcome tracking will become an intuitive and second nature for your agents. Predetermined disposition buttons are incorporated into the call center dashboard and at the end of a call your agent must simply click on an outcome and a contact will move into the appropriate bucket of your sales pipeline.
Lead Management System Sales Sling offers much more than just a dialer. You will access a comprehensive lead management system full of tools to improve the cohesiveness and efficiency of your sales team. All of the features in this system are customizable to fit to your sales process.
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The auto dialer is just one time-saving feature that you get when you subscribe toSales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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